Chris Merenda is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and lead singer/performer who brings his unique style of talent to every musical endeavor he gets involved in. His current music has been influenced by a long resume of accomplishments.

Merenda has been performing and re-inventing his sound for the past two and a half decades. Whether it was Ska/Reggae, Punk and Rock in the nineties, or Folk, Americana, Blues and Bluegrass in more recent years, Merenda is a master of style. His recent releases are helping define music in the 21st century. Merenda utilizes all these styles in his arsenal of spine-tingling, melodically infectious songs, not to mention a voice that can be mistaken for no other.

Merenda is currently a resident and musical staple of the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts. He decided to move there upon meeting his wife while on tour with Arlo Guthrie for Guthrie's 40th anniversary of Alice's Restaurant tour in 2005. Merenda was Arlo's drummer on this six-month tour of theaters and musical festivals all across America, with a grand finale culminated at Carnegie Hall on Thanksgiving.

Simultaneously to this tour, Merenda was finishing up his second solo release Hello Freedom, a follow-up from his 2003 solo debut The Regimen. Both albums were produced by Duncan Watt and received endless praise across the globe for their wit and relatable human vibes. Between 2001 and 2008, Merenda was touring nationally and internationally with The Mammals, a family band founded by Mike and Ruth Merenda and Tao Rodriguez-Seeger (grandson of the late great Pete Seeger).